Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Transformation of Accepting Change

Change is constant.

Change involves loss even as it involves gain.

Loss is pain. Loss is a form of death. Because we fear death, we fear loss, we fear change.

If we can learn to accept the pain of loss, the fear of death and the constancy of change, we can be profoundly transformed in our thinking, our being and our doing. With this transformation of ourselves, comes a transformation of our teams (families included), our organizations, our networks, our businesses and our careers.

So much of the hesitance, hedging, capriciousness, deception, fretting, anger, fear, blame-shifting, etc., that hangs us up at work is a result of this fear of change, of loss, of death.

How is our fear of loss and our lack of acceptance hindering our teams, our organizations, our selves, our careers, our work and service in the world? However they are, let’s commit, and continually recommit, to practicing acceptance versus fear, so that we become not victims, but shapers of inevitable change.

One might say that, “If you can’t beat it (and ultimately we cannot), shape it!”

Replies and rebuttals welcome.

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