Sunday, March 16, 2008

Consider the Unrealized Tragedy

As human being we are wired for noticing what goes wrong, and to a greater degree, what may go wrong (though it usually does not). It is this hard wiring that makes us good planners and survivors. Like all else in the cosmos, when taken to an extreme, this inclination is unhealthy. Balance is needed. 

This balance is aided by the consideration of the “unrealized tragedy”. The “unrealized tragedies” are all the things we anticipate and expect to go wrong which do not. It is the plan B that was not needed, the conflict that did not happen, the delay that did not occur, the good health, and even the life, that got extended, whether that be an organization or an individual. These are all points for gratefulness and affirmation. It is these “unrealized tragedies” that give us the evidence that, more often than not, things do go well. This is particularly important to meditate on when in the midst of a bad day, month or even year.

This meditation calls to mind the scripture, Psalms 91 which alludes to the many tragedies that regularly happen in life but which “shall not come nigh thee”. I am moment to moment grateful for these "unrealized tragedies".

I find that in my daily rush of planning contingencies and losing peace and sleep over "potential tragedies" I cannot anticipate or plan for, considering the “unrealized tragedies” of my past and present, helps me to keep things in perspective.

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