Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Giving Others (& Ourselves) A Break

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous response received by Craig DeLarge via email:

"This is such an excellent lesson. In my Upper Room reading a few weeks ago, a similar topic was discussed where a person worked with a particularly unpleasant co-worker. She never participated in team events/meetings, and was rude. When the team went out to lunch one day, she was not able to make it. The author brought back a lunch for the co-worker and told her she hoped she enjoyed it. The woman stood up from her chair, cried, and hugged the author. She said no one had ever thought of her or showed her this type of kindness.

This is truly turning, and turning the other cheek! But what a reward!"

Rob said...

I try to remember this all the time.

We all are like icebergs with just the "tip" of who we are showing at work and we are often all trying to cope with , sometimes, dysfunctional environments and situations in our own way.

Others ways of dealing and priorities are not going to be the same as mine - and I try my best to remember that.

Nice post.