Sunday, March 01, 2009

Finding Your Natural Gifts: The 1 Day Workshop

Twice a year I teach a one day seminar at my church, Christian Stronghold Church, in Philadelphia, PA. It is an abridged version of a 12 week course I teach in our Church Bible Institute. It is called "Finding Your Natural Gifts: Becoming A Maximum Income Earner".

This workshop examines how we are all gifted but largely ignorant about, and in denial of those gifts. It addresses the importance of connecting our gifts to some need in the world as a means of earning a maximum income both in financial, social and spiritual terms.

It calls the student to engage in a series of personal and social explorations from Kise, Jones & other sources, to search out, identify and act on their life mission which is tied to Bolles "3 Pillars of Mission", namely, 1) talents of delight, 2) places & settings of appeal and 3) purposes that resonate.

The explorations are related to one's interests, personality, values, natural aptitudes, learning style, life narrative, passions, priorities and barriers. With every exploration, one gains a richer picture of who they are, how they are gifted and what they have to offer in exchange for income.

This workshop is always a tremendous blessing to deliver and has never ceased to teach me something new about my own giftedness in the close to 8 years I have been teaching it.

Below are the slides from this workshop. Enjoy and please reach to me if you want to discuss further:


Bill Bell said...

"This workshop examines how we are all gifted but largely ignorant about, and in denial of those gifts."

I believe that you are right about this, and very touched that you should express it. I found my way here having read through your Powerpoint slides at Slideshow. I will be watching your blog, sir.

Greg Rust said...

Craig, I really enjoyed your powerpoint and it comes at a good time. Lately, it seems I have been "hearing" whispers from the Good Lord about my talents and gifts. I am currently not using them professionally and I can feel the difference daily. I also have been dwelling on opportunities to give back to the community as I have been truely blessed with the life I have. Thanks for taking the time to post this my friend.

Anonymous said...

Talk about food for thought. I have a lot to chew on...can't ewait for you to visit so we can have a long talk!