Sunday, May 24, 2009

Planning Your Life Mission: The 1 Hour Workshop

Yesterday I spent an hour with a group of single young people aged, 18-24, talking about the importance of their understanding, planning and following through on their Life's Mission. I also offered a process for how they might to this planning and follow through. I am including the discussion guide I used in the link below.

I recorded the session and you can download it at:

The point made in this session, and some came up serendipitously, were:

1. Ride the horse (opportunity & situation) you are on rather than wanting/praying for another,

2. Show up for the course that God has signed you up for. Don't sleep in,

3. Because life is full of breakdowns and broken commitments (in ourselves and others), cultivate a habit of "recommitting" to service,

4. That emotional intelligence and maturity, and especially courage (the ability to act in the face of fear), are critical projects in achieving one's life mission,

5. That careers are prepared for, as much as they are planned

6. That feelings are not facts, so we must watch against feelings as a sabotaging factor in pursuing our mission,

7. That the care and feeding, not killing, of enemies is a key skillset in pursuing mission

8. That it is as critical to love oneself, as to love your neighbor, as you cannot care for others best if you are not caring for yourself well,

9. That you can achieve your mission, but you cannot achieve it by yourself. Missions succeed in communities,

10. About the importance of going for breadth and variety of experience early in your career to create foundation and choice later in your career, and

11. That it takes 20 years to create and overnight success and that this day's discussion was only first of a running discussion I hoped to have with these young people, individually and collectively over the next 20 years as they plan and execute their life's mission.

It was a good and blessed time.

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