Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Classes Are You Taking?

As I have sent my daughter off to college, watching my friends sending their children back to school and preparing for my own teaching this Fall, I have been reflecting on this issue of school, and what classes we enroll into throughout our lives. The fact is that we are all in school all the time, either formally (in class) or informally (in life/job practice), owing to the fact that we are always in a situation where are being taught and choosing to learn (or not). There are lots of different classes in these different schools. Classes that develop us personally, interpersonally, spiritually, technically, etc. and which enable our effectiveness in dealing with ourselves and others as well as in contributing to the various communities and organizations what take care of us.

I find that from time to time, I have to inventory which schools I am in. I find that, on an ongoing basis, I am tempted to enroll, or find myself already attending schools which are less than productive for me. Every hour that I spend in any one school robs me of lessons I might be learning in other schools. The fact is that I do not have time to attend every school available so I have to be watchful of which I attend. I have to also assure that I attend a variety of classes, refresher and new, so that I am fit to accomplish those objectives I set for how I will contribute.

A few classes I have been focusing on lately, with varied levels of success, are:

1) Consistent Exercise & Relaxation Practice (featuring Yoga videos & podcasts),

2) Intermediate Circle of Influence (from Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People),

3) Marketing Strategy Theory Refresher (which I am teaching at Chestnut Hill College this Fall),

4) Beginner Empty Nesting (which my wife and I are taking as our daughter is at college),

5) Publishing to Share What You Know & Love (as I am learning how to more proactively speak and write about topics which interest me).

As I work at these, I find that I spend less time in other available classes that are not as good for me.

So I recommend you not think that just because you cannot afford the tuition right now, that you cannot go to school. You are already in school. Just make sure you are using your time and energy to take the right classes while you are there.